Custom Shaper Cutters

We provide custom shaper cutters with brazed carbide blades that can be used for creating moldings, trim, stiles and rails, raised panels, and just about any shape you want to make or replicate.

Ask for a quote and see that we respond faster to your request with a lower cost than any of our competitors. We try to answer your calls immediately, 7 days a week.

Many of our customers are involved in repairing existing or making new custom furniture, moldings, trim, windows, doors, or cabinet work.


Why You Need A Custom Made Brazed On Carbide Shaper Cutter

Shaper cutters can produce much wider and deeper cuts that router bits can make,

Shaper cutters can remove much more material in one pass saving time. They tend to produce a better surface. They usually have more cutting blades and can last longer before resharpening.

Shaper cutters can be reversed to help eliminate chip out due to grain structure in the material. Router bits can not be used this way.


Duplicating Existing Casework

Manufacturers tend to use their own specific designs of router bits when producing their lines of cabinets. These shapes are not available to the general public. You will not be able to match their work with of the shelf router bits.

If you are unable to find an exact match for the molding or shape you want to produce, you can have us manufacture a custom router bit specifically to your design or need. Yes, there are thousands of standard shaper cutters are available, but matching one to your specific needs can be very difficult.

Let us quote the cost of a custom made shaper cutter. You will be surprised by the low cost.


Matched Custom Shaper Cutter Stacks For Shaker Stiles And Rails