Custom Solid Carbide Router Bits

Orbit Tool Works can provide a wide range of sizes of solid carbide router bits, end mills and form cutters to meet your specifications. If you can't find a standard cutter, end mill, or router bit for your upcoming job, concider having us make exactly what you need from solid carbide.

Solid carbide is used when the cutter geometry can not be made as a custom brazed carbide router bit. When features are small (under 3/16" diameter), or a helical cutter grind is required, solid carbide can be the solution. Sometimes strength and rigidity is needed. Solid carbide cutters are usually more precise for your tighter toleranced work requirements.

Cutters can be ground with a helical spiral up cut or a helical spiral down cut. The spral down cut is used to help keep the face of the material from chipping out, and to force the material down aginst the fixturing when needed to keep the material from lifting up off the table.

Helical spiral cutters produce a higher quality finish when working with dificult to cut materials.

Solid Carbide Router Bits and Form Cutters
Custom Solid Carbide Router Bits End Mills Drills and Form Cutters